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Southampton Spring

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These are the days we look forward to.

         When the work crews take down the snow fences on the beach. When they rake up the winter drift and leave it piled along the shoreline. When the lake ice melts out and the fishing trawlers come into the harbour from Port Elgin while their cousins sit dockside in their cradles waiting their turn.

         A few fishermen are casting off the bank or out trolling on the river. Some snow still sits in the bush, but it will soon disappear. The rain has seen to that. It has washed down the streets and widened ditches, creeks and streams flooding farmland and creeping up to the edge of the road. Returning ducks and geese are happy about their temporary wetlands. Migrating birds crowd the feeders. Robins scoot along the still soggy grass looking for worms. The crows are gathering loudly and stealing what they can for their nests.

         The town sends out their big brooms to suck up the winter sand from the streets. Can’t-wait-gardeners are sweeping the thatch from their lawns and moving mulch from their flowerbeds.

         Southampton is getting ready for a spring greening and preening itself to make way for summer…and the summer people.

         Some of them are here already. You can see them on weekends in their expensive vehicles – on their cell phones. Soon enough the sound of traffic on Highway 21 will be loud enough to break the winter silence that always settles on Southampton. The streets, usually empty by 4:30 PM, will be packed with pedestrians, cars, bikes and dog walkers.

         Locals will have to line up with the tourists to get into the bakery on High Street. Restaurants are already opening earlier and staying open longer. The shutters are coming off the cottages and summer homes. And the sunsets linger longer.

         Sleepy Southampton is waking up, shaking off its winter doldrums and getting ready for an exciting 150th anniversary summer. It should be quite a party.

         And, by the time its over we should be ready to hibernate…again.

Written by metropolitanhomesickblues

April 8, 2008 at 9:43 PM

Posted in Home Town

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