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From the Big Flag to Jerry’s Frys its the same story…there are more seagulls on the beach than people.

Here we are a few days past the Summer Solstice, on a brilliant Sunday afternoon, and only a few weekend people are out on the sand. They are mostly families with children. Some are giving the swings a good workout. Others are working on their sandcastles. A few young girls, the ties on their bikini straps undone, are getting a head start on their tans. The only ones in the water are young children who obviously know no fear. We’ve had nothing but cool weather and rain for the last little while. So, obviously the water is still cold.  

Other than that, tourists stroll our cement boardwalk enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. Everyone smiles. A friendly “hello” greets you from perfect strangers. I wonder if summer people are as friendly back in the city as they are here on the beach?

My ‘wooden water serpent’ still sits off the point by the harbour watching over the beach. It hasn’t moved all winter surviving ice and wind, as any good serpent would.

Morning mist rises on the lake and the river. Out on the horizon a grey band of fog sits waiting for wind to lead it in to shore.There’s a hell of a racket coming from the bird sanctuary on Chantry Island. A trio of Seadoos zip by adding their noise to the cacaphony. Off in the distance silent sailboats take advantage of the wind. A couple of kayakers bounce around in the slight chop. And yes – there’s a bit of a line-up at Jerry’s Frys.

The only real excitement are the fire trucks a few blocks up from the beach. The police have blocked off the street. We arrive to see them rolling up their hoses. Seems one of the old cottages had a bit of an electrical fire. We don’t know the extent of the damages. Makes you wonder how old and in what kind of condition some of those old, original cottages are. No wonder city-folk replace them with monster beach-homes when they buy them up. Not all the cottages and summer homes are occupied as yet. But, come the first long weekend it will all happen.

We enjoy the tranquillity of our walk…for now. Soon the beach will be crowded. The tourists and summer people will claim it as their own. Then they will spill there contents out over the sand staking out their territory…”this piece of beach is mine…put your umbrella somewhere else.”

But, that’s the way it is in summer towns. The locals enjoy the beach as well and patiently wait for fall when it will be empty again.



Written by metropolitanhomesickblues

June 24, 2008 at 8:54 PM

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