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A long line of muddy water flows out from the harbour into the lake making its way to Chantry Island. It blends with the variying shades of blue and turquoise that line the lake – lighter near shore and darker off towards the horizon.

There is a hint of wind. Just enough to rustle a little surf near shore.The Big Flag isn’t up yet. Next weekend probably. The small flag that’s been there all winter just droops around the pole.

Cars and motorcyles are parked around it. People are out walking. A few chuildren are playing. The odd sunbather is getting an early start on their tan.

The shadow of a gull glides across the freshly raked sand. Following its path eventually leads to a view of it circling in for a landing. It lowers itself effortlessly to the beach and immediately begins to call and scream as only gulls do. It spreads its wings and struts along the sand. They like to announce their presence. You would think that the beach was cleaned and graded just for him.

Not so.

May 24 holiday weekend in only days away. This first official pre-summer holiday will bring in the out-of-towners. And that’s why the snow fences are gone…why the board-walk has been sweep clean…why the benches have been dug out from under the winter sand drifts…why the barricades are up around the few dunes with new beach grass. The “No BIkes – No Dogs On The Beach” sign warns of a $!50.00 fine for transgressors. But, as in seasons past, people will ignore it.

We are getting ready for the summer influx. The crowds with come. Our simple little town will probably double in size. The quiet will disappear and the sound of tourists and summer people will dominate. Good for business…but you’ll have trouble finding a place to park on HIgh Street.

Right now, though, the folks we meet are all smiles. The sky is an unbelieveable blue. The sun is warming. Life will change…but only for a few months.

Written by metropolitanhomesickblues

May 16, 2010 at 4:29 PM

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