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Who Am I To Complain?

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Anyone familiar with my Blog might remember a post titled Southampton North End Sewer Project.

It was more of a lament; a rant really, because the town of Saugeen Shores ripped up an easement that my neigbours and I spend years (5 for me) cutting and caring for. We nursed it from weeds to grass at our expense. In the name of progress (and in spite of the anger of some North Shore residents) they destroyed it all, taking out mature trees and any wildflowers that stood in the way of their sewer pipes.

The open grassy area that was our bocce court, our playground for the grandchildren and the perfect place for Max my daughter’s obsessed, pure bred with papers, smooth coat” Border Collie, to endlessly chase tennis balls…

…went from this…

…to this…over the summer…

After this winter’s melt we were left with a perfect Mud Flat. And after this rain-filled spring it is still soggy. The contractors made numerous attempts at grading the area. It still isn’t right. The excavated clay now sits on the surface. But they’re satisfied that the job is done So they laid down seed. But, it’s a long way from what it was to where it should be.

The only ones happy with the situation is a pair of robins. 

They’ve built a nest under the beam of our back deck.

Because the Mud Flats are taking forever to dry out, Mr. & Mrs. Robin are treated to a steady supply of fresh worms for their young. With a natural cafeteria so close they’re taking advantage of the situation. They are somewhat over-protective parents though. They come at you when you intrude on their space. Like the Town, they think it is their backyard. Nonetheless, the Robins are happy. At least someone is.

The Mud Flats will soon dry up with the heat of summer. The easement with be green again with industrial grass and weeds. It remains to be seen if I want to spend another five years spending and nurturing it back to any semblance of a decent lawn.

What it looks like today - brown and patchy green. We will not complain. We will wait and see.

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June 14, 2011 at 1:30 PM


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If you’re a summertime visitor to Southampton and you don’t know your way around town – all you have to do is look up – look waaaay up – and we’ll point you in the right direction.

There are big blue signs – WayFinding Signs – as the municipality calls them – strategically placed at the side of streets in town and roads leading in and out of town, showing you the way to all of our fabled attractions.

And while these WayFinding Signs are probably helpful to first-time tourists, some locals and summer people are not happy with the way they’ve suddenly popped up all over town. Words like ‘ugly,’ ‘unnecessary,’ ‘waste of our tax dollars,’ ‘can’t read and drive at the same time,’ have appeared in the Letters to the Editor column of our weekly newspaper.

Some folks who live here full or part-time are insulted at the insinuation that they might not where the town dump is. In fact one letter-writer was upset that council approved the idea while he was spending winter down south…the cheek of those public servants getting on with business and not waiting for his return. Truth is this WayFInding Sign concept has been on the books for a while. Public meetings have been held and Southampton media outlets have filed stories. You would have to be blind, deaf, illiterate or just not here to miss it.

Anyway, it is my observation that small town folks like to have their say at the strangest times. Reacting after the fact will never convince council to take the signs down. Money has been spent and that’s that.

So, if you’re up our way this summer you can still stop and ask someone how to find the beach.

Or you can just follow the signs.

Written by metropolitanhomesickblues

June 1, 2011 at 4:43 PM