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North Bruce Back Roads

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We set out to look for fall colours on the North Bruce Peninsula. We were probably a day or two early. Most trees were tinted with a yellow/beige showing promise of a glorious fall to come. Portions of the odd maple were turning a burning red. Even though it was a brilliant day with an unbelievably blue sky, nature was not yet ready to reveal its autumn show. We decided to look for birds instead and turned on to secondary roads to see if we would have any luck.

Heading up the 40 Hills Road we came upon St. Margaret’s Chapel. It crowns the crest of a hill on the way to Cape Chin. It’s a beautiful little church, “built of the stones of its own hills and valleys,” in true turn of the century Anglican tradition. The dolomite limestone blocks are cut large and thick giving the small building a stance that says it will stand for ages. To our surprise, the door was open.

The interior is finished in dark timber with oak pews. The stain class windows, some with a local wildflower motif, glimmer in the dim interior light as the sun pours through. A guest book revealed pages and pages of visitors from all parts of the globe.

Their comments basically contained the same thought…a beautiful, unexpected oasis of solitude well off the beaten path.

One should always  travel roads less taken. Robert Frost knew that. They lead to some wonderful surprises. All you have to do is follow.

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September 21, 2010 at 1:39 PM