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Benches at the Big Flag at the foot of High Street, Southampton

2011 is two days old. The day is gray, cold and full of wind-blown flurries. Winter is back.

It left briefly after 17 continuous December days of snow squalls that laid the foundation for a White Christmas. But by New Year’s Eve temperatures rose and snow melted leaving us looking at mud crusted snow banks, patches of green grass and moist, marshy farm fields full of swales and ponding water. Not pretty.

But, today there is the feeling of a storm in the air. Off the County two-lanes, close to the lake you can hear it building.

Rushing water-filled ditches alongside the gravel concession road send their torrents towards Huron. We drive slowly because the sudden drop in temperature creates patches of ice ahead of us. Sliding off the frozen gravel here would truly be a minor disaster.

The shoreline is ice-bound quite a ways out. We watch the white-capped waves send breakers crashing in over hillocks of frozen pack ice, their spray rising high in the building wind. It is a harsh but beautiful landscape.

It is a contradiction. Everything is still except for the wind. The wind shuts out all other sounds. You can see the water break on the ice crusted shore but you can’t hear it. You can see the swirling ditch water pounding through culverts under the road and disappearing beneath ice-covered rocks on the shore but you can’t hear it. You know Huron is out there but the horizon has vanished.

It is both a wild place and a perfect place…a tranquil place in spite of the weather around us. It is the ideal place to stand and watch a New Year whip its way into our lives.

Written by metropolitanhomesickblues

January 2, 2011 at 2:58 PM